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Jim Thorpe Nation Song
Performed by The Dawnland Singers
© 2009, Good Mind Records

Jim Thorpe's example of personal
determination and faithfulness to his identity
as an American Indian has meant a great deal,
not just to me but to countless American Indian
people for many decades. Although a life like his is
impossible to sum up in a song, I tried to do
some justice to his spirit and his story in these
lyrics that began to come to me while I was writing the
book JIM THORPE'S BRIGHT PATH. The music is
by myself, my son Jesse, and my friend John Kirk
who also adds back-up vocals.

—Joe Bruchac
Co-writer, co-producer
Jim Thorpe, The World’s Greatest Athlete

A Moira Productions Film in association with Dateline Productions, 2008, Lillian Lincoln Foundation