AL DEMAREE CARTOON, 1913stockholm stadium

The overt ­ and publicly accepted ­ use of race and racism in the media of the early twentieth century is on display in this cartoon by Al Demaree. Its part of a series, presented as an amusing inside look at America's best baseball team. At the time few were disturbed by the stereotypes it portrayed, with the three Indian players on the Giants roster ­ Meyers, Bender, and Thorpe ­ wearing feathers and dancing around an umpire tied to a "sacrifice pole" with tomahawks in hand. Little in this cartoon fails to offend. "Grampa Thorpe" is depicted as a fast runner escaping from the coonskin-capped frontiersmen. Bender, in reality a well-spoken man, is griping that "Paleface call heap bad balls." A Giants "scout" is pictured as a contract-bearing cowboy trying to rope a fleeing wild Indian. Even the title, "Heap Big Injuns," is insulting.


A Moira Productions Film in association with Datline Productions, 2008, Lillian Lincoln Foundation